FRESHPULLZ Podcast Rental

Come in and record a professional quality podcast in our podcast studio!

Loaded with the RODE RODEcaster pro and X4 Shure Microphones!

4 Person space includes a spot for a producer and 3 additional microphones.



What will I need?
  • Scheduled Appointment
  • Micro SD Card to record onto.
  • Payment & Accidental Damage Deposit
    Please read below for details.
    Fee's & Terms on Studio Rental
    *Tier 1 /Bronze
    You bring in your team and your own mini SD memory card and start recording. When it is time to wrap up simply shut off the Rodecaster and eject your Mini SD memory card.
    Price is $50 per hour 
    *Tier 2 /Silver
    You will be accompanied by one of our in store talents to give you a hand at running the board.
    Price is $100 per hour
    *Tier 3 /Gold
    You will be responsible for hosting and bringing content to the table we will be in charge of everything else. Setup, Recording, Personalities, Post Production Editing, and Distribution.
    Price depends on clients needs. (Consultation Required) 
    Other Video, Podcast Art and Marketing available. Prices May Vary
    All sessions subject to a $100 insurance rental fee. (Will be reimbursed)
    No Food or Drinks are allowed in the Podcast Studio. Damage Fee's May Apply if any equipment is found damaged or destroyed.
    Podcast Studio Calendar will be open soon.
    Call us for details.